Construction projects involve numerous competing elements, and can rapidly fall apart if any one aspect goes wrong. Our goal is to prevent such situations from occurring.

We are a highly experienced group of quantity surveyors armed with the expertise and planning skills to ensure we deliver our service both on time and on budget and meet expectations at all stages.

We can interpret a wide range of tender information including drawings, specifications, schedules, mark-ups, photos. We cross referee this information to ensure there are no discrepancies before take off.


High Quality Service

Construction measurement is key at all stages of a project. By fully understanding the scope, you are able to manage risk and generate value throughout.

Our Services

Construction work involves a diverse range of trades. We work with a wide range of clients including sub-contractors, main contractor, developers, architect and end user clients.

Our highly skilled team are able to interpret, take off and document the following work items -

  •     Facilitating Works

  •    Substructure

  •    Superstructure

  •    Frame

  •   Upper Floors

  • Roof

  • Stairs & Ramps

  • External Walls

  •    Windows & External Doors

  •        Internal Walls & Partitions

  •        Internal Doors

  •      Internal Finishes

  •     Wall Finishes

  •        Floor Finishes

  •        Ceiling Finishes

  •        Fittings, Furnishings and Equipment

  •        Sanitary Installations

  •        Services Equipment

  •        Disposal Installations

  •        Water Installations

  •        Heat Source

  •        Space Heating & Air Conditioning

  •        Ventilation

  •        Electrical Installation

  •        Fire and Lightning Protection

  •        Communication, Security and Access Control

  •        Works to Existing Buildings

  •        External Works (Inc Cut & Fill)

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