Quantity Surveying

At h24 Construction Ltd, we deliver meticulous quantity surveying services for numerous types of construction projects. We employ a highly skilled and dedicated team that specialises in a whole host of services. We maintain a high standard of quality in all our operations, covering all bases.


Expert Services

We provide traditional quantity surveying services. This allows clients to receive all benefits of a quantity surveyor, without the financial burden of employment.

Our Services

We believe in the importance of visibility and accuracy when managing construction project. A clear picture of your expenses and projected revenue generations enhances your decision-making, minimises risk significantly and enables efficient allocation of money and resources. These factors combined enhance your chances of success.

One of our flagship services is providing traditional quantity surveying services including -

  • Managing and Agreeing both Internal and External Accounts 

  • Procurement of Sub-Contract Packages 

  • Measurement and Valuation 

  • Monthly Cost Reporting 

  • Managing Variation both Internal and External

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