H24 Construction Ltd is one of the leading quantity surveying and consultancy firms in London. We specialise in a whole host of measurement services for all types of construction projects.

They are capable of processing and breaking down complex data sets and tender information quickly, enabling them to produce prompt and accurate measurement and tender tender enquiries. 


Clear, Concise and User-friendly Documents

We produce pricing documents and bills of quantities from tender information. We can also input our measure into a clients CSA as part of a tender return.

Our Services

Every construction project comes with its own distinct set of variables, all of which need to be handled with care. If any one element is neglected, it can spell disaster for the entire project.

We work with clients in various different scenarios -

  • Work Winning Pricing Documents

  • Cost Plans & Estimating

  • Tendering Trade Packages

  • Measurement & Valuation for Payment Purposes

  • Claims & Disputes

Benefits of Using Our Services

  •  Allow the pre-construction team to concentrate on managing risk

  •  Full co-ordinated list of descriptions and quantities provided

  •  Marked up drawings provided with measure

  •  Clear definition of works from the outset

  •  Consistent basis for obtaining and comparing competitive tenders

  •  Assist in accurate cost reporting, valuations & final accounts

  • Confidentiality assured at all stages

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